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Easy Way To Give iTunes Credit as a Gift

Whether you want to pick up a physical iTunes gift card free at your local store, print out a gift certificate at home, or instantly send iTunes credit via email, you have several options when giving someone iTunes credit as a gift.

Does the Recipient Need an iTunes Account?

Although it is more convenient for the recipient to already have an iTunes account, you can give anyone iTunes credit regardless of whether they use Apple's online store. However, in order for them to redeem the gift and purchase digital products, the recipient needs an Apple ID, which is free. It is the recipient who applies for the Apple ID, which is the credential necessary to log in to the iTunes website and redeem the credit.

Your Options When Giving iTunes Store Credit

You have several options when you want to give someone credit to be used in the iTunes Store or App Store.

  • Physical iTunes Gift Cards: This method is perhaps the most popular way that people use to purchase gift credit from the iTunes Store. In addition to buying gift cards directly from Apple's online service, you can also buy gift cards at thousands of retailers across the country making it convenient to pick one up. The cards come in different designs and are preloaded with a set amount of credit, typically $15, $25, $50, $100, or $200. How do you feel when you are surprised by a gift called free itunes gift card codes that work 2019? How do you feel when you are able to give that gift card to your beloved ones as well?However, if you're short on time, or the person you are giving credit to is a long distance away from you, then this might not be the best method. In this case, one of Apple's other options is probably better suited to gifting iTunes Store credit.
  • iTunes Gift Certificates: Select the Gift Now option at the iTunes Store to give an iTunes Gift Certificate by either purchasing credit and printing a certificate yourself to present in person or by sending it via email, which is useful for when time isn't on your side. Choosing the amount of credit you buy is the same as for physical gift cards, except that everything is done through the iTunes software. You choose a prepaid amount of credit that fits your budget, ranging from $15 to $200 to either print out or send to the recipient's email address.
  • Gifting Songs, Albums, Apps, and More: If you want to choose a specific item from the iTunes Store instead of giving credit, then this method is worth considering. If you know someone likes a particular song, album, or book, you can send them a personal gift. This feature isn't limited to music-oriented gifts. There are all sorts of other iTunes Store gifts you can send, including apps, movies, and TV shows. You can also compile your own custom-made playlists and gift them. To send a specific product, view it on the iTunes Store and use the Gift This option, which is accessed by clicking the drop-down menu next to the Buy button. A short form is displayed where you can choose either to print out a certificate to present in person or instantly email the gift to the recipient.

Apple ended another program, the iTunes Gift Allowances program, in 2016 and suggested that parents use the Family Sharing option instead to oversee their kids' spending.

How to gift iTunes songs

You might already be familiar with the various ways of giving iTunes credit as a gift. The recipient can then use a unique code in order to purchase music (and other things) from the iTunes Store.

Sometimes instead of just giving iTunes credit, you may want to give a particular song or album to make it more personal. To do this, you'll select something specific from the iTunes Store and pay for it, but it'll go to your recipient's music library instead of appearing in yours.

Giving the Gift of Music Using iTunes

When you know exactly what they want or like, giving a song or an album can actually be a better choice than just handing over iTunes credit. Here's how to do it.

  1. Click the Music tab in the iTunes Store.
  2. Search for the song you want to gift. To speed things up, you may want to use the search box near the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. When you have found the song you want to gift, click the drop-down arrow next to the purchase price.
  4. Click the Gift This Song option in the menu that appears.
  5. You should now see the Send an iTunes Gift screen. Type in the email address of the person you want to send the gift to.
  6. To include a message, enter it in the Message (Optional) text box.
  7. Choose a date to send the gift. Your options are either Now or Other Date. If sending your gift on a future date, then you'll need to specify when to send it using the calendar options.
  8. Click Next when you finish entering this information.
  9. Choose a theme for your gift. Your options are a generic iTunes look, birthday, "Thank You," and "Just Because." You'll see a preview of how your gift will appear in the recipient's email on the right of the screen.Click Next to continue.
  10. On the confirmation screen, check that all the details are correct, and then click Buy Gift to finalize the purchase.
  11. Your gift recipient will receive an email with a link that will let them download their new track.

Giving a Complete Album

Gifting an album is similar to giving songs. The only difference is that you'll search for the name of the album instead of the title of a track. You'll still use the same drop-down menu next to the album in your results, but the command will be Gift This Album instead of Gift This Song.

Follow the same instructions as above to complete your purchase.

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